• VHS Pharmacy Discount Program

    Prescription prices have skyrocketed and many people can’t afford to get the medicine they require. You can combat rising prescriptions costs by using a discount pharmacy card. Prescriptions savings at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including Walgreens, CVS, and more. 70% of Americans take at least ONE prescription and 20% take 5 or more! How much are you and your family spending on prescription costs.

    The card is easy to use with members receiving an average of 42% savings on prescriptions by simply presenting the card at your pharmacy of choice with your prescription where the pharmacist will calculate the savings. If you have insurance with pharmacy benefits, present both cards to receive the lowest price. Immediate family is included.

    This membership is a discount card offering reduced prices and you are responsible to pay the pharmacy 100% of the discounted price. Each pharmacy determines their own retail pricing and will offer some prescriptions at or below cost to draw customers to their store. If you present your discount card only to find the “discount” price is higher than the pharmacy’s retail rate or sale price, you will always pay the lowest price available.

    No paperwork, no hassle…..instant savings.

    Call me today at 623.256.7270 to have a conversation regarding how we help keep money in your pocket by using discount products and services that give you access to healthcare without HUGE price tags attached.

    Pharmacy discounts are NOT insurance and NOT intended as a substitute for Insurance.

  • Virtual Healthcare Solutions – The Future of Healthcare

    Virtual Healthcare Solutions… Why is it the future of healthcare?

    19646756 – medicine doctor working with modern tablet computer and virtual interface as medical concept

    The American Healthcare system is under siege and faces some huge challenges in the future. There has to be a coordinated effort on all levels to ensure high-quality healthcare for everyone despite the ever changing landscape. Consumers have to become more vigilant with regards to their own wellness and be open to ways they can take control of the obstacles impeding their healthcare experience including time away from work, travel costs and expense, and long wait times.

    Virtual Healthcare Solutions identified the need for a new paradigm within the healthcare platform and began seeking out creative options including innovative products and services to stabilize skyrocketing costs as well as necessary checks and balances for current programs including Medicare. Understanding that it is more than the presentation of new strategies or technologies, VHS is committed to education as part of implementation to increase utilization and success of programs. VHS recognizes when individuals are able to integrate their own healthcare with their lifestyles, they become empowered to manage their situations more effectively becoming more engaged in the management of their conditions.

    In June 2017, VHS partnered with an established company offering a unique way for businesses and individuals to access healthcare with or without traditional insurance. This partnership allowed VHS to empower its sales force of mostly non-traditional benefits consultants with a new set of tools that could bridge the gap between affordability and access for millions of members by providing packages including some or all of the following….

    *Pharmacy Discounts
    *Health Advocate Solutions
    *Health Advocacy
    *Medical Bill SAver
    *Worklife Services
    *Diabetic Supplies
    *MRI & CT Scans
    *Global Travel Assistance

    For a low monthly subscription with NO contract, NO pre-existing conditions, NO waiting periods!

  • Telemedicine Defined

    Telemedicine Defined
    Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services via electronic communications allowing providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely without an in-person visit. Utilization of Telemedicine has been rapidly increasing because of its inherent benefits:

    Increased Access – Patients have improved access and medical providers have an expanded reach.
    Cost Effective – Monthly subscription, no co-pay or deductible.

    Telemedicine has been shown to reduce the cost of healthcare through better management of chronic diseases, reduced travel times and fewer/short hospital stays.

    Improved Quality – The services delivered via telemedicine have been shown to be as good as those given by traditional consultations.

    Increased Access – 24/7/365 access. Access where you are, when you need it

    A recent survey from American Well found that 60{a66db7d8a243ca4d3d701f892f2edecccc7ae52f00c761945ec7944d9d19480f} of patients are open to using telehealth to address chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes as well as for regular checkups. When asked which of the three communication options available for telehealth would be most preferable (video, telephone or email) almost 70{a66db7d8a243ca4d3d701f892f2edecccc7ae52f00c761945ec7944d9d19480f} indicated they trusted video to offer the most accurate diagnosis.

    The same survey revealed that the majority of respondents (67{a66db7d8a243ca4d3d701f892f2edecccc7ae52f00c761945ec7944d9d19480f}) often delayed seeking care due to high cost, time difficulties in arranging a convenient appointment, personal schedules or simply because they assumed whatever ailment they were experiencing would resolve itself.

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