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Yingkou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wu Hansheng Meets with Chairman Yan Tingjun

On the afternoon of November 12, Wu Hansheng, secretary of the CPC Yingkou Municipal Committee, met with Yan Tingjun, chairman of the Shengxing Group, in the first meeting of the municipal party committee.

Shengxing Group is a comprehensive chemical group with petrochemical industry as its leading industry and petrochemicals, fine chemicals, chemical machinery manufacturing, financial investment, real estate development, sewage treatment, and thermoelectricity. Shengxing Group invested RMB 1 billion in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base and built a 400,000-ton-a-year comprehensive carbon liquefied gas utilization project.

Wu Hansheng's secretary briefly introduced Yingkou's location advantages and industrial advantages. He said that Yingkou is the only sea exit in the Shenyang Economic Zone and provides a major logistics channel for regional economic development. The Yingkou industry has obvious advantages, and the production factors are fully configured, which is very suitable for the investment and development of enterprises. At present, it is precisely to grab a major historical opportunity for the rejuvenation of a new round of old industrial bases in Northeast China. Enterprises must strive to integrate resources, accelerate development, and strive to be the vanguard of excellence. Yingkou is also an open and inclusive city. Foreign investors are welcome to invest in the industry. Yingkou will further optimize the development of soft environment and serve the construction and development of enterprises. Secretary Wu said that Shandong is not only my hometown, but also a leading city for petrochemical enterprises. I hope that the chairman of the board of directors will conduct more investigations in Yingkou City while at the same time entrusting the Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base with strong support for investment projects. Yan Tingjun, chairman of the company, said that after the company settled down in Liaoning (Yingkou) coastal industrial base, it received strong support and assistance from the Industrial Base Administrative Committee, and the project went smoothly. At present, the first phase of the project has been completed and put into production, and the company is planning to construct the second phase. We hope that with the efforts of both parties, we will further explore ways of cooperation and jointly promote the construction of industrial base infrastructure to ensure that new projects are started as soon as possible. The two sides discussed the aspects of sewage treatment, thermal power, and railway lines.

Zhang Jinquan, general manager of Liaoning Shengxing Petrochemical Company, accompanied them.