Text To Join

The Balance, a site dedicated to coupons, freebies, and frugal living for all, has provided a convenient list of 73 Texting/Loyalty campaigns for a variety of popular venues including restaurants, fast food, department stores, salons, and more! Thank you The Balance!

Not only am I part of a mobile marketing business, I personally join as many mobile campaigns as I can find, for places that I choose to frequent. I DON’T download Loyalty apps. Why would I want another app on my phone every time I find a new hot spot?

Text to Join campaigns rely solely on your phone number and your text messaging app. So when Jack-In-The-Box wants to offer me a free taco, I get a text, with a link to their mobile coupon. When Streets of New York decides to offer fresh garden salads for $5 through Friday, I get a text, with another link to a mobile coupon. What could be easier, more fun, and who doesn’t LOVE a good deal??

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